Songbird Symphony Prints

In the spring of 2023, I painted more birds and florals than I ever had in my life.
So many so, that I had to take a break from even thinking about birds…
Well not really.
You can't not think about birds especially when you hear that beautiful birdsong in the mornings. 
Or see a flash of blue or red swoop down in your yard to sit on a fence post. 
Or catch a glimpse of a hummingbird moving it's wings at warp speed. 
Birds are a special part of our world and we'd be far worse off without them. 
But even more than what birds do for our environment like spreading seeds and working as pollinators, birds can remind us of some of our most special people and places in our lives - as birds have been present throughout every generation.
Birds have a deep seeded connection to the best things in life as they are often seen as a symbol of freedom, hope, and new beginnings. 
It was my hope with this collection that these birds paired with florals would give the viewer a fresh sense of hope and peace.

Without further adieu, here are the Songbird Symphony Prints. 

"Azalea & Goldfinch" 

Azalea and Goldfinch Print by Adam Trest

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"Camellia & Blue Jay" 

Camelia and Blue Jay Print by Adam Trest

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"Ginkgo & Cardinal" 

Ginkgo and Cardinal Print by Adam Trest

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"Greybeard & Dove"

Greybeard and Dove Print by Adam Trest

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"Japanese Magnolia & Bunting"

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"Magnolia & Cardinal" 

Magnolia and Cardinal Print by Adam Trest

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"Oak & Mockingbird"

Oak and Mockingbird Print by Adam Trest

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"Pear & Robin"

Pear Tree and Robin Print by Adam Trest

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"Pine & Warbler"

Pine Tree and Warbler Bird Print by Adam Trest

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And last but not least... the only non-bird to make it in this collection...


Squirrel print by Adam Trest

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I'm happy to let you know that this selection of the Songbird Symphony designs are now available to purchase as prints online or in store through the Laurel Mercantile in my hometown of Laurel, MS.
I hope you have the most wonderful experience selecting which bird speaks to you. 
And if you're wanting something a little larger than a print for your nest, I'm introducing a brand new Canvas Print to my online store.  
Sonbird Symphony Canvas Print by Adam Trest

Click here to browse the Songbird Symphony Canvas Collection

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