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Try to imagine an impossibly enchanted world, full of depth and character, and you have begun to encounter the world of Mississippi painter Adam Trest.

My life has been a series of stories, stories that I now get to tell through visual expression. I grew up in the South, where stories are a way of life. They can range from folklore passed down for generations to an eventful trip to the grocery and everywhere in between.

For over a decade, Trest has worked as an artist in Laurel, Mississippi. His work can be found everywhere from Laurel’s South Central Regional Medical Center to the homes of collectors all across the United States. He sells both prints and originals and remains resolute in the belief that good art is both inspiring and accessible. Today, he is represented by the Caron Gallery, a collective of Mississippi visual artists. His wife Lily Trest is a co-owner of Caron Gallery- South, and Adam has established his current studio in that location.

The Lantern House

Having the opportunity to illustrate a book with Erin has been one of the highlights of my career as an artist. Since the moment I found out that illustrating children’s books was someone’s job, I wanted it to be mine. This process of creating a traditionally published book has been such an amazing experience.

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