Dog Days Color Studies

Color Studies are a big part of my process when I am in the planning stages of my collections. 

As I'm working towards the Dog Days collection release on November 25th, 2023, I am also releasing framed and unframed original color studies. 

Framed Dog Days Color Studies by Adam Trest at

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What are Color Studies?

Color Studies are small paintings where I test how the colors will work together in my collections. The way color talks in the painting is as much my style as the way I draw and paint.

It's important to note that the colors you choose are just as important as the subjects you paint.

Framed Colorful Dog Paintings By Adam Trest at

It's easier and quicker to see how the colors work together on a 9x12 than on a huge canvas. 

After I complete my color studies, I lay them out so that I can see them while i'm working on the larger pieces. Being able to refer back to them helps to keep my collections cohesive. 

After I finish working on a collection, most of the time these studies get closed away in a sketchbook. Most of the time I never take them out of the pages!

These dogs were an exception. I wanted to make sure that these colors were singing in perfect harmony.

I just couldn't put them away or send them to the bin. 

They need to be in homes. 

Hanging on walls, reminding people of the thrill of exploration. 

The joy is in the chase after all. 

There are 18 Dog Color Studies and 5 Framed Floral Borders.

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Don't forget, the Dog Days Collection releases November 25th through the Caron Gallery. My VIP email list gets early access to the collection pieces. Go ahead and subscribe today so you don't miss out! 


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