What I Listen To While Painting

A recurring question I see over and over in my Instagram comments is about what I listen to while I paint - as I'm often wearing giant black headphones while I'm working. 

You might be surprised to find out that I'm not listening to music.

I'm either listening to fiction audiobooks that I've heard countless times...

Or nothing. 

I flip on that noise canceling feature and just enjoy the quiet and calm. 

When you live in a house with 3 kids - one being a very adorable teething baby - you appreciate the quiet and calm in a new way. 

It depends on the day whether I'm opening up the Audible app and choosing a book to listen to or just enjoying the peace and quiet. 

On the days where books are the answer, you won't find me browsing through the New Releases section. 



I only choose books that I know. 

There's great comfort in the familiarity. 

Knowing what's going to happen in the story gives me better confidence and focus in my work. 

I am able to stay in my creative world instead of getting lost in a world made up by someone else.  

What books are on repeat?

My first pick - the Harry Potter series.  

I, like most millennials, loved the series as a kid and still love it now. 

Fun fact - I almost had Lily convinced to name our 2nd child "Potter." 

If I'm not listening through the Harry Potter series, then I am either listening to
The Name Of The Wind by Patrick Rothfuss or anything written by Roald Dahl.

Let me know in the comments if you were surprised by my answers. I'd love to hear what you think I'd listen to while I work. 

Additionally, if you have any questions related to my artwork or my process, I'd love to share answers here on the blog as this was really fun to write.

You can send questions as DMs or comments on Instagram or respond to my VIP weekly email -- click here to join the VIP list. 

And now, off to listen to the Harry Potter series for the 100th time... 

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Hi Adam! I think this is a great idea for your blog! I was gobsmacked to hear your answer! I also listen to HP audiobooks over & over while I am working…fell in love with the series reading to my children as they were growing up…love them all but Sorcerer’s Stone & Order of the Phoenix are my fave’s! Thanks for sharing!


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