The Woodlands Collection Revealed

The Woodlands Collection is meant to make you remember walking through the woods.

The shadows.

The noises.

The familiar cast of characters.

There’s a familiarity to it, but there’s also a kind of magic


This body of work is completely different from my previous work in terms of color, but the forms and compositions are turning out to be a progression of those past collections.

Original artwork should be a time of exploration and experimentation for an artist.

I hope that I never find myself replicating “safe” work…

I always want to be pushing myself and learning something new! 


From the beginning I knew these pieces were going to be very maximalist. 

Lots of pattern.

Bold colors.

Very little rest.

I want them to be as full of life as the environments they are painted from.


I wanted this collection to feel different than my previous collections. I challenged myself to use new shapes and colors. 

And what I found when I challenged myself..



was a new way to appreciate the wild around me. 

This collection should inspire you to walk outside into the woods with a new perspective. To see the animals, bugs, trees, flowers, and grass in a way that surprises you. 


This is the piece that I'm the most proud of. Not only is it the largest canvas I've ever done in my entire career, but it's the overall story of the collection. 

I filled 3 pages in my sketchbook proportions and patterns and imagery that I wanted to include.

If most of my pieces are a page from the story, then I wanted this one to be the whole book.

I wanted every piece from this collection to be found in this one painting. 

I am really proud of this collection and you'll just have to wait and see what we're going to turn these patterns into next. 

Hint - it's not what you expect! 

Those who are on my VIP list will be the first to know what we do with these pieces and patterns next. Sign up today so you don't miss a thing! 

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Absolutely love your work! It’s in almost every room in my house! ❤️

Beth Reid

My father taught me to sit and observe, that there is beauty all around. That if we’re still we will see. I don’t remember him mentioning God but I somehow knew that all this beauty is from the Creator and that we must praise Him with our gratitude.

Thank you for sharing memories. God bless you and yours.

Savannah Pipkins

have been viewing your work, and received emails when on sale. however, some are too expensive, and am wondering if you would consider smaller works of art for us “folks” out here. Thanks, Kathy

Kathy Horyn

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