Mississippi Lost + Found

When I was approached by the Mississippi Arts and Entertainment Experience in Meridian about having an exhibit, I was first and foremost so extremely honored. This was going to be my very first solo museum exhibition. The curator at the MAX was so kind to walk me through the process and talk with me about what I was hoping to present in my exhibition. I knew that I would be in the company of the most amazing Mississippians, so I decided that my exhibit should be "Mississippi-centric". I wanted to also be able to use my exhibit to introduce arts integration into the Mississippi Studies standards for fourth and eighth graders in our state.

After a lot of thought and research, I decided that the collection should feature all the different geographical regions of our beautiful state, and highlight the flora and fauna of each region. I was so fortunate enough to get to work with the ever amazing Sabrina Cummings. She was an amazing resource, and helped me more than she will ever know when it came to deciding which plants and animals were important to highlight in each of the regions. I can't wait for the coming weeks when I'll be sharing with you each of the regions that I dove into, and sharing the behind the scenes of each of these pieces. Until then, I'll leave you with my Artist Statement for the exhibit:

I lost myself in what I thought I knew about Mississippi.
As a lifetime resident my knowledge had grown stale.
The white tail deer and mockingbird were her only inhabitants. It wasn’t until I opened my eyes that I found the diverse ecosystems that make up this beautiful state.
I found the stained glass of a gopher tortoise’s shell,
the brilliancy of the red-capped sandhill crane,
the ever-watchful tension of a fox squirrel,
the crowded skies of the delta.
I found Mississippi.


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