February 25, 2021

Due North

Now that we are finally settled into our new house after moving from the farm, It has been so nice to unpack my studio. The new space is so warm and full of natural light thanks to this awesome north facing skylight. There is plumbing for a sink, plenty of room to spread out and stretch watercolor paper. There’s room to have different stations set up, so I don’t have to do plaster work in the same space that I paint. I’m even looking into setting up a silk screen station for making prints. I don’t think I could have designed a better space really.

A few nights ago, I started a new little painting I decided to title “Due North”. I’ve really been enjoying the freedom to paint without the constant thoughts of “what kind of product can I make out of this”. This season of work is all about painting the things that have been stuck in my brain for the last few years, but haven’t really fit the “product” mold.

“Due North” is designed around the concept of that inner compass that migrating birds have. I wanted the composition to have the feel of a needle pointing north, and I wanted to line-work to be really bold and clean. Here’s a video showing my process!

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