The Most Inspiring Thing I Saw in Portugal

Recently, my wife Lily, and I got the opportunity to visit Portugal. This was an absolute dream trip for us and we are still not over all the beautiful views, food, culture, patterns, and places that we were fortunate enough to experience.
Where the true purpose of our trip will be revealed at a later time (I'll tell you what we're working on soon I promise), I can say that I've come back home rejuvenated and filled with inspiration for this next season. 
But what was the most inspiring thing about this trip to Portugal?
I could name 100 things…
but the one that will sit with me for a while?

The sidewalks.

The most ornate, beautiful, intentional use of such a “blah” medium:

For me it brought home an idea that I recently heard on a podcast. “It doesn’t matter your medium, your style is your voice” (or something like that). 
Just think about this - Craftsmen were laying COBBLESTONES, and decided… you know, this could just be a sidewalk...
or this could be a work of art.

So they made it art. And the art spread.

And you see these beautiful patterns all over the entire country!
It echoes the idea of taking time to create art, create something. I always want to be someone who encourages others to take the time to create with whatever medium is available to you. 
And never forget that there’s a Portuguese Cobblestone Layer somewhere that turned sidewalks into a national treasure.
Anything can be made into a work of art. It just takes someone to act. 
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