Sneak Peek Of The Woodlands Collection

For the better part of the past few months, I've been in the woods. 

But I haven't been camping, going to the lake, or hiking. 

While I haven't technically been in the actual wilderness, I've brought the ever so familiar feeling of walking through the woods into my studio through my designs for the Woodlands Collection. 

Walk Through The Woods Paintings by Adam Trest

I've been spending time with foxes in burrows, owls perched on branches, and deer grazing in meadows.

It really is amazing how paint on a canvas can transport you somewhere else. 

Walk Through The Woods Collection By Adam Trest

The whole story of this collection is a narrative of what you might see as you walk through the woods on a beautiful day. 

The 9 pieces that make up this story go live for purchasing through the Caron Gallery on Monday, September 18th. 

Those on my VIP email list will get early access to the original paintings.

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This reveal is going to be a special one. I can feel it!

I can't wait to share it all with you. 

- Adam

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These are amazing! Will prints be available for those of us who would love to have an original painting but don’t have the budget for that?


Beautiful! I can’t to see them on Monday, I love the woodsy and animal paintings, they are definitely my favorites

Christine Branson

I love that you’ve done something in red! Can’t wait to see it!

Connie Brinkley

Adam, your new woodland collection looks to be awesome, like you were definitely in the zone when you painted them. They remind me of days that I spent with my brother in the woods playing Davy Crockett, running, laughing, learning from nature. Oh to be young again! Monday will be exciting and full of anticipation. Good job! All the best to you!

Ty Alexander

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