In My Dog Era

The best way I know to understand something is to practice it.

That’s the challenge I have taken on for my November collection.

I love the dogs I paint, but I want to understand why I love them.

Something about them is whimsical…

My dog Rudy isn’t nearly as long and elegant as these dogs.

Adam Trest painting of dogs

I think my goal with these is actually to not capture the likeness of any particular dog, but more a challenge to capture the joy a dog feels in the chase.

Paintings of whimsical dogs on colored backgrounds by Adam Trest


As I am working on a new collection of original pieces that feature man's best friend, I am also including a new element in the mix. 

Months ago, I had the idea to start including apparel designs as part of my collections. 

Here is a sneak peek of the first design: 

 Adam Trest 3 Stacked Dog Apparel



As we are getting started with including this line of apparel, we'll offer a variety of colors and sizes of t-shirts and sweatshirts with the 3 stacked dogs look, as well as a canvas tote bag. 

Where my collection release date is later this year, you can order your 3 Dogs t-shirt, sweatshirt, or canvas bag as early as November 1, 2023. 

Where Can I Order The Shirt?

The best way to stay up to date with the apparel line launch and keep in the know, is through my VIP email list. 

Click the link below, fill in your name and email address, then select "Apparel and Products" and then click submit. 

Join the VIP List

If you are already on the VIP email list, please follow the steps as well so that I can make sure you will receive the emails. 

I am excited to go on this journey of discovery.

Of digging down deep to uncover why such a simple figure brings such mystery, intrigue, and delight. 


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