Christmas Prints Through The Years

The Holiday season is all about traditions. 

I started a tradition of my own a few years ago and it's something I look forward to each year with great anticipation. 

Every year I purposefully take a break from the collection that I'm working on to spend a little time putting together my annual Christmas print. 

Each year they get more special and meaningful. 

As I continue to mature into a Christ follower, Husband, Father, and artist, the well of inspiration and sentimentality I draw from gets deeper and deeper. 

Would you like to walk down memory lane with me? 

Heard on High | 2020


Colorful Christmas Angels art print by Adam Trest

The chorus of angels filling the sky at the birth of Jesus had to be an incredible and awe-inspiring sight. 

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Crowded Barn | 2021

Colorful Christmas Nativity Scene Art Print by Adam Trest

A crowded barn. That’s the feeling I hope you get you see this piece. What a thing for the Savior to be born in a crowded barn.

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Songbird & Tannenbaum 

Birds Trimming a Christmas Tree Art Print by Adam Trest

For this one, I wanted it to seem like you just wandered upon a flock of songbirds trimming a Christmas tree. Simple and whimsical seasonal delight. 

This print is currently sold out online, but you can get an alert when it comes back in stock. 

and finally... 

Road To Grace 

Road To Grace Black and White Christmas Nativity Print by Adam TrestI hope when you see this print, you try to picture yourself there - in the stable with the Savior or in the field with the shepherds as the chorus of angels filled the sky. 

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Each of these prints are like time capsules for me.

I can vividly remember what life was like when I the pieces finally came together.

And I wish the same thing for you. That you can build a collection of whatever is meaningful for you and remember all the good things in past seasons. 

In case you were curious, yes I am already in the planning stages for my 2024 Christmas print.  

If you're looking for these prints in a smaller size, you can buy a set of Road To Grace, Songbird & Tannenbaum, or Crowded Barn Christmas Cards through our friends at Be Amazing Paper Co.

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