May 14, 2022

Collab with Be Amazing Paper Co.


In August of 2021, I was so excited to hear about a stationery company that was opening on Central Avenue in Downtown Laurel. You see, I really love paper… like its a problem. Walking into Elizabeth’s shop, you are surrounded by beautiful cards, books, and all the things you need to write a letter. My kryptonite is a good journal or sketchbook, and I was so excited to see PLENTY of those to choose from.

It wasn’t too long after she opened that Elizabeth came and met with me. I had mentioned in passing that when we owned our store downtown, we had blank cards with my patterns on them. It was one of my favorite products that we made, and it was one of my favorites to sell. Knowing that my work was going to be used as a carrier for a note of thanks or congratulations, what bigger honor is there! We sat down at a table at BirdDog with a cup of my favorite Manuscript coffee, and by the time we got up from the table, we had a plan. I wanted more than ever to offer my cards for sale again, and I loved the idea of Elizabeth carrying them at Be Amazing Paper Co..

We’ve been working now over the past few months to develop a line of cards, some old favorites, and quite a few new designs. They are available HERE.

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