About Us

In the spring of 2016, Adam and Lily Trest decided that it was time to take the plunge. They, along with a good friend and real estate developer, decided that it was time to bring some life back into a gem of a historic building in the heart of downtown Laurel, MS. They opened Adam Trest Home as a place to share Adam’s artwork in the form of stationery, prints, and throw pillows. As their business grew, so did their offerings. ATH is now a place for unique gifts, custom upholstery, and beautifully curated furnishings. With the addition of a full time upholsterer, and capitalizing on the talents of Lily’s interior decorating, The entire staff of ATH can help with simply refreshing the design of a room, to full on renovation.


Lead Designer & Owner

Adam is the designer/creator of all the patterns at Adam Trest Home. A graduate of Mississippi State University with a Bachelors of Fine Art in Painting, Adam loves the creative process and loves the technical aspect of creating repeated patterns. Having grown up in the South, every pattern has a story or is tied to a deep rooted memory about life below the Mason Dixon.


Business Manager & Owner

You know the saying,"Behind every good man, there's a good woman."? Well Lily is that woman. Lily is the better half of Adam Trest Home, and takes care of the business side of things. She's also the critical eye that helps Adam's work be the best it can be. When she's not on the phone with manufacturers or making sure Adam is on task, she's busy being the best mom on the planet.