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My life has been a series of stories, stories that I now get to tell through visual expression. I grew up in the South, where stories are a way of life. They can range from folklore passed down for generations to an eventful trip to the grocery and everywhere in between.
I was creating art before I even remember creating it, and that theme remains constant throughout my life. I found myself under the guidance of artists who pushed me creatively and technically. Early in my life, my mentors nurtured a sense of creativity that follows me to this day; in high school and on into college, I was challenged technically and creatively to become the artist I am today.
After college, my professional life continued to mold me. As a set designer, I worked on some amazing productions telling other people’s stories. As a teacher, I taught students of every age, giving them the vocabulary they needed to tell their own stories. It took almost ten years to listen to what I had been teaching others and to begin telling my own story.
As the sun set on 2019, I found myself in a strange new place; I was finally creating work that excited me: work inspired by the flora and fauna of the South, the land where I grew up. I found myself working with longtime friends to create art that celebrated the stories of families. I found inspiration in folk art from around the world, using representational colors that created palettes I found stimulating. I began creating patterns, using motifs from artists I had studied for years, but now I used their language to create my own story. At that time, I began to find my rhythm, my style, and my voice.
Over the last few years, I have used my voice to tell many stories. I celebrated with families as they started new chapters of their lives by renovating old homes on HGTV’s HomeTown. I illustrated the beautiful words of Erin Napier in The Lantern House, becoming a New York Times Bestselling Illustrator. I began to tell the story of my home state of Mississippi through an exhibition at the Mississippi Arts and Entertainment Experience in Meridian, Mississippi. Most importantly, I have continued my story through my collections at the Caron Gallery, a place where even more stories come together and diverge through other Mississippi artists. I am so excited for the future as I continue pushing myself into my craft, creating new and beautiful work as I find more stories to tell.

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Selected Exhibitions

Lost and Found, Mississippi Arts and Entertainment Experience, Meridian, MS

The Road to The Lantern House, Lauren Rogers Museum of Art, Laurel, MS


The Lantern House, Little, Brown and Company, 2022

I Live in Laurel, 2013


2020 New York Times Best Selling Illustrator


2009 Bachelor of Fine Art, Mississippi State University, Starkville, MS

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